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HCS402 Dual Heater Microscope Hot And Cold Stage
Instec's HCS402 microscope hot and cold stage features a dual heater design which virtually eliminates vertical temperature gradients in the sample chamber. This makes the HCS402 temperature controlled environment an ideal choice for thicker samples or when critical temperature uniformity is necessary. The stage can be used not only for microscopy but whenever an application requires optical access to a thermally controlled sample. All of the dual windows on the HCS402 stage are removable and exchangeable allowing the HCS402 to be used for small angle X-ray scattering, FTIR, and other experiments requiring beam access to the sample. The stage can also be mounted vertically for applications requiring horizontal beam access to the sample chamber. The interior of the HCS402 is large enough to accommodate a variety of samples, including electro-optic devices and cell culture preparations. Standard 25 mm x 75 mm microscope slides can be directly used as sample plates. An optional thermal shielding shell is also provided to optimize thermal performance for work requiring ultra-high temperature stability and uniformity.
· Programmable Precision Temperature Control from -190°C to 400°C
 Dual Heaters Located Above and Below the Sample Chamber for Superior Temperature Uniformity
· Controlled Fast Heating and Cooling Rate
· Large Viewing Aperture
· Removable and Exchangeable Windows
· Dual Pane Windows for Better Thermal Isolation
· Integrated Aperture Window Defrost System
· Variable Sample Chamber Height
· Gas Purge Sample Chamber
· Optional Shell for Improved Sample Temperature Uniformity
· Easy Side Sample Loading with Standard Microscope Slides
· Vertical and Horizontal Mounting
· Optional Microscope Rotational Stage Mounting Accessories
· Optional Precision X-Y Micropositioner for Sample Positioning
Technical Specifications
Temperature Range
-190°C to 400°
Below ambient operation requires optional cooling accessory
Temperature Resolution
0.01°Cwith mK1000
Temperature Stability
±0.05°C at 100°C with mK1000 (better stability optional)
Minimum Heating and Cooling Rate
±0.1°C per hour
Maximum Heating Rate
+130°C per minute at 100°C
Maximum Cooling Rate
-80°C per minute at 100°C (when using LN2-P4)
Temperature Control Method
Switching PID
Temperature Control Sensor
100 Ω Platinum RTD
Minimum Objective Working Distance
7.7 mm (shorter working distance optional)
Minimum Condenser Working Distance
10.0 mm (shorter condenser distance optional)
Sample Area
38 mm x 50 mm
Chamber Height
2.0 mm (up to 12.5 mm when using optional spacers)
Sample Viewing Aperture
2, 5, 8, or 10 mm for transmitted light
X-Y Micropositioner (optional)
10 μm resolution
- Product Brochure for HCS402
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