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Instec’s series of hot and cold probing plates offer an integrated solution for performing component-level electrical measurements over a wide temperature range. These compact systems enable an existing inspection microscope or optical test setup to easily be converted into a precision temperature-controlled semiconductor testing and qualification station. Each plate is equiped with four tungsten-rhenuim probe tips with magnetic bases for easy positioning. These systems are highly configurable to meet a range of requirements for atmospheric control, sample area, temperature range and electrical options.
  • Programmable precision temperature control from -190°C to 400°C or 600°C (see ordering information)
  • Gas or vacuum-tight sample chamber
  • Electrically grounded or floating plate surface
  • Removable and exchangable windows
  • Compact design for easy probe station integration
  • Four independently positionable tungsten-rhenium probes with magnetic bases
  • Four frame-mounted BNC connectors
  • Optional 2 mm transmitted light aperture (stage configuration)
Technical Specifications
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