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Instec’s Hot and Cold Probing Stations offer an integrated solution for performing component-level electrical measurements over a wide temperature range. These systems provide the user with four independent electrical probes with X,Y,Z micropositioning. Instec probing stations are the ideal solution for converting an existing inspection microscope or optical test setup into a precision temperature-controlled semiconductor testing and qualification station. Probing stations can be configured as a plate with a flat sample surface for maximum thermal uniformity or as a stage, with an aperture for transmitted light access.
  • Programmable precision temperature from -190°C to 400°C or 600°C (depending on model)
  • Four electrical probes with frame-mounted BNC connectors  
  • Fine probe travel over 10 mm x 10 mm x 10 mm with sample in place
  • Rough XY travel of approximately 30 mm x 30 mm available by repositioning magnetic mounts
  • Gas purge sample chamber • 38 mm viewing aperture (in reflection mode)
  • Optional 2 mm transmitted light aperture (stage configuration)
  • Available with electrically grounded or electrically floating sample surfaces
Technical Specifications
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