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LWDC2 Long Working Distance Condenser
Modern microscopes generally use Kohler Illumination, which separates the image of the light source from that of the sample, increasing the uniformity of the light at the sample position and allowing the condenser’s aperture to be used to control the numerical aperture. If the condenser’s position is not correctly adjusted, the intensity of the light reaching the sample is reduced, the uniformity decreased, and worst of all stray light can show up as glare. Therefore to get the best performance from a high quality microscope, it is important that the condenser working distance be large enough to reach the sample.
The Instec Long Working Distance Condenser (LWDC2) provides a longer working distance than a conventional condenser, compensating for the increased space between the sample and condenser when using an Instec hot and cold stage. The LWDC2 condenser provides the proper Koehler illumination and the best possible sample image.
· 20 mm Working Distance
· Detachable and Rotatable Polarizer
· Universal Dovetail Fitting Compatible with Most Upright Optical Microscopes
· Adjustable Condenser Aperture Iris
· Ideal for Thermal Microscopy Applications
Technical Specifications
Working Distance
20 mm
Universal dovetail, compatible with most major upright microscope brands, such as Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss, Leica, & Meiji. Please contact Instec if your microscope is from a different manufacturer or for custom design.
Numerical Aperture
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