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MITO2 Microscope Ready Digital Camera
Instec’s MITO2 camera system integrates digital image acquisition and time-temperature recording into a convenient package for use with Instec’s microscope hot and cold stages and plates. USB communication and passive cooling make the MITO2 camera a fast and robust option for adding digital image acquisition to any optical microscope. Using our WinDV software, each sample image is stamped with the sample temperature, time and date, and experiment notes provided by the user. Captured images are also software indexed to allow for easy sorting and movie creation. WinDV’s features include temperature-triggered image capture (convenient for generating clean and precise temperature-property data), live video feed for positioning samples, easy snap capture for single images, and all of the temperature control features normally found in our WinTemp software.
• USB 2.0 communication
• Real time image monitoring and image capture
• Temperature-triggered image capture for easy collection of temperature-property data
• C-mount microscope connection standard
• 1.92 megapixel UXGA resolution
• WinDV software overlays sample temperature, time & date, and other experiment notes directly onto the digital images when interfaced with an Instec temperature controller
Technical Specifications
Image Sensor 1/1.8” Interline UXGA color progressive CCD: ICX274AQ (Sony)
Chip Size 8.50 (H) x 6.80 (V) mm
Resolution 1600 (H) x 1200 (V) (1.92 megapixel)
Scanning System Progressive
Scanning Methods Full scanning, 1/1 partial scanning, 1/2 partial scanning, 1/4 partial scanning, variable partial scanning
Maximum Frame Rate (Full Scanning) 15.32 fps 
Pixel Frequency 36.818 MHz 
Video Output 8bit / 10bit (1/2 clock) / 12bit (1/4 clock) 
Minimum Scene Illumination 7.7 Lux at F1.2
Sync System Internal
Electronic Shutter Auto / Manual (software selectable)
Gain Auto / Manual (software selectable)
Gamma Manual (software selectable)
White Balance Auto / Manual
Trigger Mode
Free-run / Edge preset trigger / Pulse width trigger / Start & stop trigger
(software selectable)
Input / Output USB 2.0 High Speed
Input Voltage +5 Vdc through USB connector (+4.4 to +5.25 V)
Power Consumption < 450 mA
Dimensions 28 (W) x 28 (H) x 42 (D) mm (excluding connector)
Lens Mount C mount
Weight Approximately 45g
Interface Connector USB: mini-B USB connector IO signal: 6 p in connector (HR10A-7R-6PB or equivalent)
Operational Temperature 0 to 40°C
Storage Temperature -30 to 65°C
Vibration 20 Hz to 200 Hz to 20 Hz (5 min. /cycle), acceleration 10G, 3 directions 30 min. each
Shock Acceleration 70G, half amplitude 6 ms, 3 directions 3 times each
Standard Compliancy EMS: En61000-6-2, EMI: EN61000-6-3 (Class B)
RoHS RoHS Compliant
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