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mK2000 Series High Precision Temperature Controller
The mK2000 is an easy-to-use system for precision temperature control of any Instec hot and cold stage, plate or chuck. The mK2000 features a maximum temperature resolution of 0.001°C and can be configured for use with either platinum RTDs, theromcouples or thermistors. The front panel interface allows easy standalone programming and control, while the standard USB2.0 communication port and included WinTemp software provides computer control and data recording. The mK2000 can store up to five temperature profiles for routine experiments. For those wishing to communicate with the mK2000 using Labview, a sample VI is available upon request. Optional RS232, Ethernet and IEEE488 communication ports are also available. The mK2000 is an ideal choice for demanding temperature control applications.
• Suggested for use with all Instec hot and cold stages, plates and chucks
• 24 bit analog to digital converter
• Dual PID outputs for precise heating and cooling
• Includes WinTemp software for simple computer control and data handling
• USB2.0 communication port (RS232, Ethernet and IEEE488 ports also available)
• Easy to use as a standalone controller
• Optional LVDC heating for low EMI applications
• Up to 20 calibration points
• Built in power-off protection against overheating
• CE certified
• Stores up to five temperature profiles (WinTemp software allows additional profiles to be saved to a PC)
• Integrates with Instec ALCT products as a complete system for temperature-property measurements
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