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TS104G Thermal Large Area Gas-Tight Stage
Instec’s TS104 stage is based on thermoelectric technology that provides a full range of heating and cooling (-30°C to 90°C) without requiring liquid nitrogen or a recirculating chiller. The TS104’s robust design simplifies system set up, reduces operating costs, and makes it a convenient choice for performing long duration experiments with precision temperature control. This stage features an extra large 97 mm x 97 mm sample area, making it an ideal choice for inspecting LCD panels under a microscope.
The TS104 brings the convenience of thermoelectric heating and cooling to large format samples.
• Programmable precision temperature from -30°C to 90°C
• Thermoelectric (Peltier) heating and cooling
• Accommodates up to a 97 mm x 97 mm sample size
• Controlled fast heating and cooling rate
• Large viewing aperture
• Removable and exchangeable windows
• Dual pane windows for better thermal isolation
• Integrated aperture window defrost system
• Gas-tight sample chamber
• Integrated Inner cover for improved sample temperature uniformity
Technical Specifications
Temperature Range
-30°C to 90°
Optional higher temperature limit of 120°C available
Temperature Resolution
0.01°C with mK2000
Temperature Stability
±0.05°C at 37°C with mK1000 (better stability optional)
Minimum Heating and Cooling Rate
±0.1°C per hour
Maximum Heating Rate
+35°C per minute at 37°C
Maximum Cooling Rate
-15°C per minute at 37°C
Temperature Control Method
PID with Linear Variable DC
Temperature Control Sensor
100 Ω Platinum RTD
Minimum Objective Working Distance
 7.6 mm 
Minimum Condenser Working Distance
18.8 mm
Sample Area
97 mm x 97 mm
Chamber Height
2.9 mm
Sample Viewing Aperture
2 mm for transmitted light
97.6 mm for reflected light
Weight 1,550 g
*5 or 8 mm aperture for transmitted light available by request.
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